I am an incoming Postdoctoral Visitor (2020-2021) in the Faculty of Education at York University, a secondary teacher at the Toronto District School Board, and an advocate for a fully-funded public education system.

I hold a PhD in Geography from the University of Toronto (2019) and an MA in English from York University (2010). My dissertation research examined the relationship between e-learning and educational inequality in the Toronto District School Board. At York University, I will work with Dr. Sue Winton on policy enactment and research the implementation of educational policy online during COVID-19 school closures. 

Broadly, I am interested in the politics of belonging and identity using qualitative observational research, such as ethnography and narrative inquiry. Trained as a critical geographer, I examine how social and cultural spaces are negotiated, contested, and manifested between individuals and institutions, specifically as a power dynamic mediated technologically. My commitment to social justice has driven my culturally responsive pedagogy, my critical research on e-learning, as well as my activism with Scarborough Families for Public Education and Port Union Cares.  

To reach me, email beyhan.farhadi@mail.utoronto.ca

Twitter handle @BBfarhadi